Nourish Your Glow

Your Skin’s Favourite Drink


One of the world's most
powerful antioxidants

Vitamin C

Helps to heal and
support your body

Vitamin A

Supports healthy skin and a
strong immune system.


Plays an important
role in eradicating fatigue!

Now lets see why
should you drink bali!

Mangosteen is also called 'The Queen of Fruits'
found in the tropics of South East Asia.

Skin Food

Local villagers have used mangosteen
for centuries because of their strong
belief in its healing properties.

Mangosteen Goodness

Bali is made of 100% mangosteen, a
fruit that contains xanthones, nature’s
most powerful antioxidant.

Back to the Jungle

The Mangosteen fruit contains B-complex
vitamins which help to boost your focus
and immune system.

What is a Mangosteen?

Watch the story of the Queen of Fruit

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Made with love by Bali

Bali is a health & wellness brand focused on restoring the body’s
natural glow through the South East Asian superfruit, mangosteen.
We’re using this special fruit to create a series of body, skin and
beverage products starting with Bali's 100% pure mangosteen
juice, a better tasting alternative to Aloe Vera!

Fresh mangosteen is
picked from the jungle

It is processed under
clean & best practices

It is shipped to US, UK,
and other countries

Available at stores
near you

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Because it has all the healthy Benefits